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How to automate a windows based application using QTP?

Please watch the youtube video from SoftNTech.

What is QTP?

HP QuickTest Pro is an automated testing tool that can be used to automate manual test cases which can be used for Regression test. QTP uses VBScripting. The current version of QTP is 11.5 as of 6/25/213.

Variable Declaration

How do you declare variables in VBScript? Dim variablename1, variablename2 example: Dim firstname, middlename,lastname firstname="Muhshin" middlename="x" lastname="Khan"


What is Recovery Scenario in QTP?

Why should I hire you?

What is Object Repository in QTP? How many types of OR in QTP?

Object repository is the heart of QTP, if you don’t understand it properly than you will face lots of problems in developing and testing of your application. - Test objects can be saved in two types of object repository Local