Most commonly used LoadRunner VuGen function functions.

The below are the most commonly used VuGen functions. Transaction Functions: 1. lr_end_sub_transaction --> Marks the end of a sub-transaction for performance analysis. 2. lr_end_transaction --> Marks the end of a transaction. 3. lr_end_transaction_instance --> Marks the end of a

testing qc post

testing qc post

QTP Tutorial 1 – How to automate windows based application with QTP

This the first QTP Tutorial video in a series of Quick Test Professional Training videos. This video will teach you how to launch QTP, Opening a Windows based application in QTP, Creating and running an automated test, and viewing the

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Manual Testing Questions and Answers

Q: What is the sequence of succession in STLC - Software Testing Life Cycle? Major tasks in STLC are below: 1. Test Plan Preparation 2. Test Case Preparation 3. Execution of Test Cases 4. Analyze the Results 5. Defect Report