Basic Computer Syllabus

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Office Basic:

  • Start and Exit Office Application
  • Navigate the Program Windows
  • Work with Ribbon
  • Find Help with Office

Working with Files:

  • Creating a New File
  • Save a File
  • Open a File
  • Print a File
  • Select Data
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Data
  • View Multiple Files

 Office Graphics:

  • Insert Clip Art
  • Insert a Picture
  • Resize and Move Objects
  • Rotate and Flip Objects
  • Crop a Picture
  • Add a Picture Effect
  • Make Image Correction
  • Make Color Adjustments
  • Create a WordArt Object
  • Add SmartArt

Adding Text:

  • Change Word’s Views
  • Type and Edit Text
  • Insert Symbols
  • Formatting Text:
  • Change the Font, Size, and Color
  • Align Text
  • Set Line Spacing
  • Indent Text
  • Set Tabs
  • Set Margins
  • Create List
  • Copy Formatting
  • Clear Formatting

Adding Extra Touches:

  • Insert a Table
  • Add Header and Footer
  • Insert Page Numbers and Page Breaks
  • Mark Index Entries
  • Generate and Index
  • Generate a Table Contents

Reviewing Documents:

  • Find and Replace Text
  • Scan Document Content
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Work with Auto Correct
  • Use Word’s Treasurer and Dictionaries


Building Spreadsheets:

  • Enter Data
  • Select Cells
  • Faster Data Entry with AutoFill
  • Turn On Text Wrapping
  • Center Data Across Columns
  • Adjust Cell Alignment
  • Change the Font and Size
  • Change Number Formats
  • Increase or Decrease Decimals
  • Add Borders
  • Format Data with Style
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Add Columns and Rows
  • Resize Columns and Rows
  • Freeze a Column or Row
  • Delete Data or Cell

Worksheet Basics:

  • Add a Worksheet
  • Name a Worksheet
  • Change Page Setup Options
  • Move and Copy Worksheets
  • Delete a Worksheet
  • Find and Replace Data
  • Sort Data
  • Filter Data
  • Insert a Comment

Working with Formulas and Functions:

  • Understanding Formulas
  • Create a Formula
  • Apply Absolute and Relative Cell References
  • Understanding Functions
  • Apply a Function
  • Total Cells with AutoSum

Working with Charts:

  • Create a Chart
  • Move and Resize Charts
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Change the Chart Style
  • Change the Chart Layout
  • Add Axis Titles
  • Format Chart Objects
  • Add Gridlines
  • Change the Chart Data


Creating a Presentation:

  • Create a Photo Album Presentation
  • Create a Presentation with a Template
  • Build a Blank Presentation
  • Change PowerPoint Views
  • Insert Slides
  • Change the Slide Layout
  • Create a Custom Layout

Populating Presentation Slides:

  • Add and Edit Slide Text
  • Change the Font, Size and Color
  • Apply a Theme
  • Set Line Spacing
  • Align Text
  • Add a Text Box to a Slide
  • Add a Table to a Slide
  • Add a Chart to a Slide
  • Add a Picture to a Slide
  • Move a Slide Object
  • Resize a Slide Object

Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show:

  • Reorganize Slides
  • Reuse a Slide
  • Define Slide Transitions
  • Add Animation Effects
  • Create a Custom Animation
  • Record Narration
  • Setup a Slide Show
  • Create a Speaker Notes
  • Run a Slide Show
  • Package Your Presentation on a CD

MS Access:

Database Basics:

  • Understanding Database Basics
  • Create Database Based on a Temple
  • Create a Blank Database
  • Create a New Table
  • Change Table Views
  • Add a Field to a Table
  • Delete a Field from a Table

Adding, Finding and Querying Data:

  • Add a Record to a Table
  • Add a Record to a Form
  • Navigate Records in a Form
  • Search for a Record in a Form
  • Delete a Record from a Table
  • Delete a Record from a Form
  • Sort Records
  • Filter Records
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Perform a Simple Query
  • Create a Report

MS Outlook:

  • View Outlook Component
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Schedule a Recurring Appointment
  • Schedule an Event
  • Create a New Contact
  • Create a New Task
  • Add a Note
  • Perform an Instant Search
  • Compose and Send a Message
  • Send a File Attachment
  • Read an Incoming Message
  • Reply To or Forward a Message
  • Add a Sender to your Outlook Contacts
  • Delete a Message
  • Create a Message Rule

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